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To help the club members keep in touch, a mailing list was created through yahoogroups.com.  By sending an email to one address, all members signed up for the list can share in the conversation.

Web address: https://groups.yahoo.com/phc-club

Common topic are beer that is available locally, homebrewing questions, and discussions of club business.

This is an Invitation Only group so to join, please email:
phc-club-owner (at) yahoogroups.com or 
webmaster (at) prairiehomebrewers.org
and ask to to join the PHC-Group mailing list.

Membership is restricted to keep spammers from joining, but a moderator will approve your membership quickly and you can join in on the discussion.

In addition, members of phc-club have access to the Files section of the group which holds a number of things including Award of Brewing program forms and records.


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