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The PHC's Award of Brewing program was featured in the May/June 2006 issue of Zymurgy and on the Basic Brewing Radio podcast dated 6/24/2010 from the 2010 National Homebrewer's Conference.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact our AOB Administrator.



The Award of Brewing Program (AoB) has been established by the Prairie Homebrewing Companions to promote an awareness of world beer, mead, and cider styles and the technical knowledge necessary to produce them.


The goals of the program are as follows:

1. To encourage program participants to produce a variety of styles with high quality.

2. To introduce PHC members to the large variety of world beer, mead, and cider styles through the sharing of samples.

3. To increase the knowledge of PHC members regarding styles, the technical knowledge to produce them, and the judging of them.

Download the updated 2015 AoB Guidelines


Two liters of beer are required for the evaluation tasting. The sample should be presented and registered prior to the start of the club’s monthly meeting. Only 1 liter is needed for high gravity (>1.080) beer, mead or cider. The program participant must fill out an AOB Registration Form and indicate the target style before having the beer judged. The judges will not assist the brewer in determining the style.  That linked pdf file includes 2 forms, only 1 is needed per entry.

The judges will return a copy of the Registration Form and communicate their impressions of each beer tasted so the brewers can make improvements and / or adjustments in recipes or techniques. Plus the judges will provide a "reference score" with their results so they might determine just where the panel feels the beer might fit in the range of overall quality.  After the beer has been sampled by the judging team it should be made available to everyone in attendance for the People's Choice competition. 

Brewers may work together but no more than two individuals will receive credit for a beer that has successfully passed the judges’ examination. Credited brewers should be involved in all aspects of the brewing process from recipe development through packaging.  A team that always will be involved with brewing together, like a husband and wife, can be given status as an 'individual' so all of there brewing is counted as one person thus they can brew with another individual who can also get credit.

Beers submitted to an AHA sanctioned contest can also be counted towards your Award of Brewing progress.  The beer must have scored 30 or better, at least one judge must have been in the BJCP program, the score sheet must be shown as proof, and the brewer must still bring the  prescribed quantity to share.

Award of Brewing Levels - 2015 BJCP Update

Brewers advance through the program by demonstrating their ability to produce beers that accurately reflect the characteristics of world beer styles as defined by the Beer Judge Certification Program guidelines and brew them without major defects.

Recognized Brewer: To reach the “Recognized” level a brewer must make a beer from 6 of the major categories currently sanctioned by the BJCP. At least 1 of these must be a lager and at least 1 of these must be an ale.

Accomplished Brewer: To reach the “Accomplished” level a brewer must make a beer from 12 of the major categories currently sanctioned by the BJCP. At least 2 of these must be lagers and at least 2 of these must be ales. Beers credited to a Recognized brewer count toward this obligation.

Accomplished Brewer (Additional Levels): Additional levels of Accomplished Brewer (Second Degree, Third Degree, etc.) may also be achieved.  The brewer must make a beer from an additional 12 major categories currently sanctioned by the BJCP. At least 1 of these additional beverages must be a lager and at least 1 must be an ale.

Master of Brewing: To reach the “Master” level a brewer must make a beer from every major category currently sanctioned by the BJCP.  Beers credited to an Accomplished brewer count toward this obligation.  A club service component is also required to advance to this level. This will include, but not be restricted to, a demonstration of the brewer’s knowledge of world beer styles and technical aspects of homebrewing with a Nuts & Bolts presentation, serving as a club officer, or organizing a club event or competition.

Master of Brewing (Additional Levels): Additional levels of Master of Brewing (Second Degree, Third Degree, etc.) may also be achieved.  The brewer must produce beverages from an additional 25 BJCP subcategories and perform an additional club service component.

Grand Master: To reach this level a brewer must produce every style of beer currently sanctioned by the BJCP (currently 128). Beers credited to prior AoB levels count toward this obligation. An additional club service component is also required to advance to this level. 

Awards and Recognition

A certificate will be presented to the brewer upon fulfillment of the requirements necessary to reach a level in the program. These awards serve as the club’s acknowledgement of the brewer’s achievement and as a means of thanking the brewer for participating in the program.

Upon reaching the level of Master Brewer, the participant will also receive an engraved and personalized glass stein with a pewter lid, an engraved plaque to hang on their wall indicating they are a Master Brewer and their name added to the Award of Brewing plaque of Master Brewers currently hanging at the Country Cannery.

Upon reaching the level of Grand Master Brewer, the participant will also receive an engraved and personalized mash paddle.

The Dennis Reimer Award of Brewing, Brewer of the Year award is given to the brewer who advanced the most beers in the program during the prior year.  We give out this award at our annual Holiday Party and all beers advanced since the prior year's Holiday Party count towards this award.  This award is a memorial to Dennis Reimer who was a huge supporter of the AOB program having attained the rank of Grand Master before he passed away in 2005.

The Award of Brewing program could not exist without judges so the Judge of the Year award was added in 2017. Judges volunteer their time to evaluate each entry and are awarded 2 points for the first beer they judge at each event and 1 point for each entry thereafter. These points accumulate over the course of a year from one Holiday Party up to the next. The judge with the most points in a year is awarded Judge of the Year honors and receives a plaque to commemorate the achievement.



PHC Brewers

Current PHC members who are participating in the Award of Brewing and have achieved the Recognized Brewer level and beyond are:

Master Brewers


Grand Master of Brewing 

Wayne Fehrenbach
Dick Nilles
Dennis Reimer
Eric Sanders


Master of Brewing 3rd Degree
Jason Huck

Master of Brewing 
2nd Degree

Dave Batcheller
Adam Hoffert
Tony Huseby
Jon Lewis
Tyler Mangin
Corbin Rapp

Rick Reilly

Susan Ruud
Ray Taylor
John Wilkinson

Master of Brewing

Ben Amundson
Paul Frank

Bill Nagle
Andrew Paulsen

Tom Paulson
Ron Stroh

Paul Vogel


Accomplished Brewer

2nd Degree

Jeffery Barbari
Dustin DeTar
Tom Roan & Nancy Bowser





Accomplished Brewer

Randy Behrens
Tyler Benson
Rick Brandvold

 Jon Caro
Lucas Graunke
Karl Gunderson

Paul Held
Ethan Hennings

Mike Isley
Karl Johnson
Aaran Joneson
Jon Lacher
Tim Lamey

Dustin Lamppa

Steve Leno

Jim Marback
Perry Mertz

Vince Rokke
Tom Rudolph

Bob Ruud
Ray Sanders

Recognized Brewer

Alan Boll
Al Boyce
Steve Deibel 
Steve Donaldson
Carl Eidbo
Preston Forsberg
Lucas Graunke
Jason Halvarson
Kristi Halvarson
Greg Kempenich
Steve Klocke 
Joel Mac Dermid
Tyler Laber
Dave Manning

Jason Middlestead
Dave Partlow
Mike Peterson
Will Rader
Andy Schaaf
Austin Schmitz
Sarah Staudt
Eric Swanson
Dennis Vosgerau
Mickey Walker
Vi Walker
Andy Werder
Emily Wold


Dennis Reimer Brewer of the Year Award

2006 - Paul Vogel

2007 - Rick Reilly

2008 - Paul Frank

2009 - Dave Batcheller

2010 - Tom Roan & Nancy Bowser

2011 - Tom Roan & Nancy Bowser
2012 - Eric Sanders
2013 - Adam Hoffert & Tom Paulson
2014 - Jason Huck
2015 - Eric Sanders
2016 - John Wilkinson
2017 - Jon Lewis & Tyler Mangin
2018 - Corbin Rapp
2019 - Dustin DeTar
2020 - Dick Nilles
2021 - Tony Huseby
2022 - Tom Roan & Nancy Bowser


AOB Judge of the Year Award

2017 - Jon Lewis & Tyler Mangin
2018 - Jon Lewis
2019 - Jon Lewis
2020 - Dick Nilles
2021 - Corbin Rapp
2022 - Corbin Rapp


Program Administration

A Program Administrator will keep all records concerning brewer participation and will coordinate the beer evaluations. A team of experts will taste the samples presented at each meeting. This team will consist of at least two experienced BJCP judges.  Contact the AOB Administrator


You can check your AOB records in the files folder at the PHC-Club Yahoo Group.


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