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Who are the Prairie Homebrewing Companions?

We were organized and affiliated with the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) by four local homebrewers in 1990. The club continues to grow and has over 50 members.

Membership in the PHC is based loosely on an interest in beer and brewing. Some of our members have never made a beer.  We range from extract brewers to all-grain and even people who have been professional brewers.

What is the PHC about?

It is the intent of the PHC to encourage and instruct its membership and the beer-drinking public in developing a healthy attitude toward beers.  We try to help other beer lovers improve their tasting skills and brewing techniques, share recipes, and equipment innovations or techniques.

PHC By-laws

What does the PHC do?

  • Monthly meetings - 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7:30PM

  • Award of Brewing program

  • Hoppy Halloween Challenge homebrewing competition

  • Holiday Party and BrewOff

  • Suds-N-Spuds beer tasting with the Shriners

  • Preparation classes for the Beer Judge Certification Program tests

  • Summer campouts

  • Social gatherings

  • Special Brewing events - Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day, Big Brew, etc.

  • Activities with other area homebrewing clubs

When does the PHC meet?

Meetings are held the second Wednesday of every month, usually starting at 7:30PM.  During the summer months, the meeting location and dates may vary so check the PHC Home Page for the current Calendar of Events.  

If you can make it to a PHC meeting, don't forget some of your best brew for our People's Choice tasting and bring a glass for sampling what everyone else brings. 


How do I join and what is the cost?

Go to a meeting and pay the Treasurer to join, or  
Contact the Treasurer and pay them, or  
Signup and pay online via PayPal to the right (includes a $2 service fee for PayPal) --->

The yearly dues of the Prairie Homebrewing Companions are $15.00 for a single membership and $20.00 for a family membership.   Membership is based on the calendar year so if you join later in the year, the amount will be reduced and pro-rated quarterly so you only pay for the amount of the year that you are a member.
January-March=Full Year, April-June=3/4 Year,
July-Sept=1/2 Year, October-December-1/4 Year

PHC Dues (+$2 fee)

Member Name(s)

Email Address

How do I know what is going on?

Join the PHC Mailing list (instructions are here).  You don't need a yahoo email address, just use an email address that you check regularly and you will receive and can send emails to all club members and can keep up with the latest club news.  You do not need to be a member yet to join the email list.

What happens at a PHC meeting?

  • Award of Brewing Tasting - before the meeting people are judging the beers submitted for the Award of Brewing program, if enough beers are submitted, the meeting may start a bit late.

  • People's Choice beers are sitting on a table of everyone to sample (with the glass you brought).  We vote for our favorite beer at the end of the meeting and they get a prize.

  • The meeting starts and we go over club business like the Treasurer's report and other committees or reports needed to keep the club running.

    • Introduction of visitors and new members - if it is your first meeting, we would like to get to know you so please tell us who you are, if you are brewing yet and how you found out about the club.

    • Award of Brewing - a quick summary of the beers submitted and judged and if people have attained a new level in AOB, awards are given out.

    • Old Business - Reviewing club business carried over from a prior meeting, like planning events and activities like Hoppy Halloween and Suds'N'Spuds.

    • New Business - Club items being brought up for the first time.

    • Announcements - General announcements usually related to beer that club members would be interested in.

  • Nuts & Bolts - A presentation of a beer style, homebrew gadget, or anything like that to educate the members on beer or brewing.

What do I get as a member of the PHC?

  • A cool membership card proclaiming your membership in the PHC

  • Access to the club library of brewing related books, magazines, and videos

  • Access to the club's shared equipment (jockey box, pin)

  • A year's subscription to the club's monthly newsletter The BlowOff

  • Voting rights at meetings

  • A 10% discount on non-taxable items at the Country Cannery and some other homebrew supply stores like Northern Brewer and Midwest Homebrewing Supplies (club membership card may be required).

  • A discount on craft beer at Bernie's Liquors on south University

  • A connection to local homebrewers 

The PHC yeast bank is no longer available.


New or experienced, membership in the PHC allows you to learn and discuss beer and  brewing with people with the same interests.

What are those 'Quality Beer Zone' signs all about?

We had these signs made up to show our appreciation to local businesses that we feel support quality beer.  It is our 'seal of approval' plus it helps get the club's name and website out to people who may frequent these businesses.   

Current Quality Beer Zones:
99 Bottles
, Moorhead, MN
's Wines & Liquors South University, Fargo, ND
Bridgeview Liquor
Moorhead, MN
Country Cannery
(homebrewing supplies) Moorhead, MN
Fargo Billiards & Gastropub, Fargo, ND
Fargo Brewing Company, Fargo, ND
Happy Harry's Bottle Shop
45th Street, Fargo, ND
Junkyard Brewing Moorhead, MN
Monk's Pub @ Usher's House Moorhead, MN
Old Chicago
Fargo, ND (not up after remodel)
Prairie Rose Meadery Fargo, ND
Sickies Garage, Fargo, ND
Sidestreet Pub
Fargo, ND
Summit Brewing
St. Paul, MN
Detroit Lakes, MN

PHC Club Officers 2018-2019


Jon Lewis


Corbin Rapp


Dustin DeTar


Jon Caro

Counselor ('18-'20)

Nancy Bowser


PHC Achievement Award Winners

1994: Ray Taylor
1997: Susan Ruud
2000: Mickey & Vi Walker
2003: Ron Stroh
2006: Jim Marback
2009: Vince Rokke
2012: Dave Batcheller
2015: Tony Huseby
2018: Tyler Mangin

1995: Neil Gudmenstad
1998: Dave Trautmann
2001: Carl Eidbo
2004: Eric Swanson
2007: Ray Taylor
2010: Susan Ruud
2013: Barb Nilles
2016: Bob Ruud


1996: Cheryl Ruby
1999: Dick Nilles
2002: Karl Gunderson
2005: Dean Gundberg
2008: Tom Roan
2011: Nancy Bowser
2014: Eric Sanders
2017: John Wilkinson


What if I still have questions?

Send your questions to info@prairiehomebrewers.org



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